About me

I am a software engineer, with a deep-rooted interest in computers that dates back to my early days. I enjoy solving problems and turning chaos into order, but not to the point where we could call it OCD, everything is a trade-off.

I find the challenge of grappling with difficult concepts to be deeply rewarding. There is a certain thrill that comes from the initial confusion, followed by the satisfaction of navigating the data and gradually piecing together an understanding.

When the "ahá! moment" arrives, and everything starts clicking, it is an incredibly gratifying experience. I am not turned off by the occasional sense of despair that comes with it, instead, I use it as fuel to overcome any obstacle that lies in my path.

The things that most interest me are product development, specially backend, infrastructure and security.


I am available for freelance development, consulting, and infrastructure design.

You can find me on: