Backend Engineer - Wido

  • April, 2023 - Present
  • Languages: Python, Solidity
  • Techs: AWS, Ethers.js, web3.py


  • Integrated different liquidity protocols into the system to allow users to deposit and to withdraw in a single transaction

Freelance DevOps - Squid

  • August, 2022
  • Languages: Python
  • Techs: Brownie, Curve


  • Customized scripts to deploy a clone of Curve vaults, so the team could have control over the infrastructure in testnet to add extra vaults.

Co-founder & CTO - Swidge

  • February, 2022 - January, 2023
  • Languages: TypeScript, Solidity, Rust
  • Techs: AWS, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Docker, NestJs, VueJs, Ethers.js, Hardhat, Git Actions


  • Built an MVP to allow swapping assets across multiple EVM chains
  • Created a full-fledged development environment to allow executing EVM transactions across multiple chains, in local
  • Designed and implemented a simple cross-chain message-passing relayer infrastructure

Backend Engineer - Internxt

  • November, 2021 - February, 2022
  • Languages: TypeScript


  • Developed the initial version of the SDK to centralize the access to the server by the different clients
  • Optimized the files' download process of the Drive service by using parallel streams

Freelance Fullstack Developer - Qube

  • October, 2021 - June, 2022
  • Languages: PHP, JavaScript
  • Techs: Docker, Symfony, React, Framework7


  • Extended the system to allow products to have generic complements defined by the restaurants

CTO - Declarando

  • May, 2017 - July, 2020
  • Languages: PHP, TypeScript
  • Techs: GCP, ELK, Terraform, Ansible, Bitbucket Pipelines, Symfony, React


  • Led the tech team growth from two people to a team of seven
  • Transitioned the MVP to a tailored React frontend and PHP API
  • Designed and implemented the first iterations of the expense advisor and tax calculator
  • Improved development processes by implementing TDD and DDD practices
  • Implemented CI pipelines for each piece of the project

Fullstack Developer - Etec Consulting Services

  • October, 2014 - May, 2017
  • Languages: Java, PHP, JavaScript, SQL
  • Techs: GlassFish Server, WebSockets, MySQL, SQLServer, Oracle


  • Worked hand in hand with clients to define requirements for the projects
  • Created the backend and web app for a real-time chat mobile application
  • Created the CRM’s for: Gesvi(~500 travel agencies), Sicof(~200 pharmacies) and MissSushi(~25 restaurants)

Frontend Developer - Eutopia

  • September, 2010 - September, 2011
  • Languages: JavaScript, PHP
  • Techs: Wordpress, Apache