Why a blog?

I'm starting this blog to write about what I do. Writing it's just a tool that I use to make sense of stuff, and I decided to share the results of my rambles.

My goal with this blog is to document some things that I do, those that make sense.

I find that when I'm dealing with something, if I require myself to put it into words, make it an article of some sort, convey it in a structured text, it helps me deepen my understanding.

Another good reason is to keep a diary of my journey. Years pass by, and it's really easy to lose some content, some insights that took effort to achieve. Our brains aren't made to store and keep random details accessible forever, so it's a common theme to end up losing some resources on our careers.

It's not a big deal, because the important stuff always stays, but having somewhere to write the things that I consider interesting helps it to give it a place, a legit spot where all this info-trash can be kept secure, or as secure as my servers are.